Why You Should Build a Customer Education Program

Your customers will always be looking for two things; quality and convenience. They want to have products that satisfies their needs and exceeds their expectations in solving problems that all have. On the other side, customers want to handle as much buying process on their own as possible. That said, you need to look for ways to make customer onboarding process as much simple and successful as possible. A customer educational program is created by a company with the aim of teaching customers how to see new products. It is normally packed with courses and videos on how a product works and provides useful tips for navigating tricky aspects of a product or service.

It provides customers with useful guide on how a particular product or service works, and the best ways to use the same. Here are some of the top reasons why you need to build an educational program for your customers.

Educating customers at scale

Customer success managers are dedicated at helping onboard new customers. However, their job can become very difficult when each of them are assigned tens of customers each single day. They find it difficult to walk each of their customers across various steps for product and service development. Instead, with customer education program, customer success managers can focus on educating just those customers who need extra layer of help.

Ensure each customer gets same level of information.

Every customer wants to feel special. In case they find out that someone was educated more and better than they were, they might not like it. It can be frustrating when there is lack of consistency across customer success teams and when certain employees have more in-depth information than others. When there is a set out customer educational program, you can ensure there is a consistent onboarding experience for each customer. Each customer will feel confident that they have received the same information as anyone else.

Focus on other tasks

When there is an educational program in place, your support reps can refocus their time on other tasks. One of the biggest time wasters support reps have to deal with is answering the same questions over and over. It will both waste time for the rep and customer and drive attention away from other important things. Rather than mindlessly working through hundreds of emails and phone calls, your employees can place their focus on dealing with more complex and detailed issues. Outside customer support, they can spend more time training themselves and working with other teams.

Cut support costs

Your employees have probably spend a lot of their time on support calls with customers. You can save a lot of money if you had fewer employees dedicated to support calls and other tasks. This can be particularly helpful to those customers who have questions all the time. Rather than having employees working around the clock, you can hire staff for shorter periods of the day and feel confident they can handle tasks in the right way.

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