How to Maintain a Healthy Weight

The importance of maintaining the right body weight cannot be overstated. It is vital for a long and healthy life. Weight issues are on both sides of the spectrum. Being underweight leads to health concerns as being overweight does. The best way to check for overweight or underweight is by calculating your Quetelet index popularly known as body mass index (BMI). Although the scale can sometimes vary, those with a BMI of less than 18.5 are considered underweight while those with more than 25 are considered overweight. How then do you maintain a healthy weight?

1.    Exercise

Having the right exercise regime will help keep your weight in check as you burn calories, fat, and build your muscles. Incorporate exercises in your daily activities too to stay in top shape. Take the dog for a walk, park the car and walk instead, or take the stairs. Aim at staying active for about 30 minutes every day. If you need to burn more calories and reduce more fat content in your body, add strength exercises and increase the intensity of your workouts. Get a qualified trainer who will guide you. Join the local sport and recreation club too and be an active member.

2.    Have Breakfast

The lure to skip meals when you are watching your weight will always be there. Never skip breakfast though as it is responsible for kick-starting your metabolism and giving you energy for the day. Skipping breakfast will often lead to you eating more later, so it is a counterproductive idea. Always make a healthy breakfast, something like Porridge with low-fat milk and kiwi fruit or low-fat milk, banana, and yogurt fruit smoothie.

3.    Have Balanced Diets

If you can carry packed healthy lunch, always go for it. Get one or two servings of vegetables for lunch. One lunch idea is serving lots of salad with a whole grain sandwich with low-fat cheese. Have about three or even four servings of vegetables for dinner. Have one-part carbohydrates, one part protein, and two parts veggies. A good example is a chicken and vegetable stir fry with rice. The protein and carbohydrates serve sizes should be within the recommended daily guidelines. Instead of frying meat, bake, steam or grill.

4.    Pick Healthy Snacks

Forget the sugary beverages and go for low-fat milk or even water. Buy low-fat yogurt if you need a filling snack. Avoid junk food and opt for the in-season fruit during the day. Grab a small handful of unsalted nuts as they have healthy fats. You can add some dried fruit if you want extra flavor.

The bottom line of maintaining a healthy weight is that healthy living has to be a priority. You have to choose good, healthy food and take about two fruits and a good vegetable serving every day. Opt for healthy drinks like water in place of sugary beverages. Look for healthy recipes and try them out for dinner and carry packed lunch. During the day, be active for at least 30 minutes and sit less. Limiting alcohol intake also helps. A healthy lifestyle leads to a healthy weight.

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