How to Manage a Remote Team Effortlessly

Working remotely can be shocking to many. Most people are depended on resources available to them from their offices as this is where they base the nature of their work. Management is immediately available to help and there are ready specialists who can take questions and provide required answers. Additionally, community interaction between coworkers plays an important role in keeping everyone happy and motivated to deliver on their tasks. If you are in customer support, it can become a challenging task overseeing a remote team. You need to create an environment that addresses everyone’s need and also fosters team culture that revolves around customer success. It can become a tough balancing affair especially if you don’t have an office and a physical place to report to.

Here are some sure tips on how to manage a remote customer support team

Understand Solutions

The first thing you need in your line of managing customer support teams remotely is how to understand solutions rather than relaying answers. You need to create a culture where frontline reps are fully committed to understanding and relaying solutions and not just copy and pasting answers. This means your reps should be looking for long-term and personalized solutions rather than quick fixes to just get a customer out of support queue. A negative customer experience can cause reps not to understand customer goals, intents and reasons why they decided to seek a solution from you. The key to a good customer experience is understanding the product you are working with and ensuring you can give your customers a lasting solution to their needs.

Empathize with customers

Sometimes, it can be hard to empathize with a customer when you are not working face to face with them. As a remote rep, you will not physically see customer’s emotions and they may not be expressing them openly in communication such as on email, chat or over the phone. Having this barrier between you and a customer makes it imperative for reps to place their focus on putting themselves in a customer’s position anytime they are troubleshooting a case. Customers will do due diligence before reaching out to customer support reps. When they make a call, it means they can’t find answers to the problems they are looking to solve, and they can only bank on you to give them answers to their questions.

Create an office ecosystem

There are a lot of duties and responsibilities that will be put on the shoulders of your reps, and one of those duties is to learn new technologies. Learning a new technology is like learning a new language. The only thing that will guarantee your success is being fully versed with the technology. At home, you will be lacking the same type of office ecosystem that surrounds you every day. You will not be in a physically collaborative space where you can turn to your colleagues for support or to discuss issues related to your work. This may make it easy for you to lose focus and have your team drift from set goals. As a remote manager, it is important you find activities and resources that can recreate an office setup and environment. You will never replace in-person collaboration, but you can provide communication outlets that embrace the differences of remote work.

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